There are a lot of yoga terms thrown around out there. Here’s a quick guide on those you hear the most. 


ASANA: Asanas are essentially yoga postures. They are the physical movements you do in a class and should be guided skillfully by the instructor. Asana, in the Pranakriya Yoga tradition, are not just exercises. When paired with the breath, they are ways of moving energy (Prana) through the body to see how it flows. Just as a side note: many yoga schools can have slightly different names for the same pose. 

MEDITATION: Meditation can very simply be defined as “paying attention”. There are an incredible number of ways to meditate and many different schools of thought on the practice. Meditation and mindfulness are growing rapidly in Western popularity and are an integral part of all yoga classes at Elemental. Come explore different ways to meditate in one of our regular weekly classes or a mediation workshop. 

PRANA: Prana could translate to the breath or to life force energy. We closely observe and explore the movement of Prana in a yoga practice. 

PRANAYAMA: At its basic level, Pranayama is the practice of yogic breathing. There are various breathing techniques in yoga to cultivate energy, balance the system or decrease stress. When performed in the right way and at the right time, Pranayama is absolutely transformative. The skillful use of breath is what makes yoga, yoga and not just exercise. When further practiced, Pranayama is another way to explore the cultivation and movement of Prana (energy). 

PRANAKRIYA YOGA: Elemental is a Pranakriya Yoga studio and in the same lineage of Kripalu Yoga and Tantra Hatha Yoga. Read more about Pranakriya Yoga and its rich lineage here

SHAVASANA: A blissful end to a yoga class, Shavasana is the final relaxation pose after all the breathing and moving. It’s a time of surrender and rest and a term you hear often in almost every yoga class. Don’t skip this part of a class. Although it may seem like you aren’t doing much, it’s an important time to process and restore balance in the body.

YOGA NIDRA: Yoga Nidra is essentially a guided meditation technique. The body is still and positioned comfortably while the practitioner listens to the instructor guide them into a yogic “sleep”. Here one can experience very deep levels of relaxation and well-being. Sometimes you don’t know how stressed you are, until you relax. And yoga nidra will take you there! 


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